The VideoEye! is designed especially to help people with low vision retain their independence. By drawing upon the latest optical technology the VideoEye! utilizes a camera to relay a magnified image to a television screen. The system has automatic focus and light adjustment that aids in rendering an enlarged image in full, bright and natural colors.

Because the viewing head is mounted on a precisely balanced spring arm, it can be moved easily to anywhere within a seven-foot diameter with just a feather touch. And once moved, it will stay in place without sagging or floating up, making it ideal for activities that require two hands.

Horizontal arm movement
Vertical arm movement

The VideoEye! is especially helpful for those people who have had to give up activities that they love because of deteriorating vision. Many VideoEye! owners use their systems several hours each day, and have told us that they just don't know what they would do without it. While allowing them to retain their independence, the VideoEye! has also improved their quality of life.

It's most common uses include: Reading, Writing, Grooming, and Hobbies.


The ability to read critical information on medicine bottles, prescriptions, and medical monitoring devices often increases the number of living-situation options available. The VideoEye! allows many with visual handicaps to continue to read mail, newspapers, magazines and books. But being an excellent reading aid is only the beginning!
Using the VideoEye for reading



The VideoEye! works wonderfully as a writing aid because users may position the viewing head over the most comfortable writing area. Writing checks and letters, even doing crossword puzzles, once again becomes possible.

Using the VideoEye for writing



The VideoEye! is also an excellent personal grooming aid. It can be used to clip fingernails, toenails, find slivers, perform manicures, and apply fingernail polish. The variable swing arm gives you the ability to point the camera anywhere.

The included mirror attachment allows the user to see their face. Men find that it works well for shaving, and women use it to apply makeup.

Personal grooming with the VideoEye



Hobbies that had been given up for lack of ability to see may once again become possible. Sewing and crocheting, card and board games, coin and stamp collecting, drawing and painting and all of these and many more activities may once again become possible.

The VideoEye enables you to take up your hobbies again



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